Walking on water,
You call me by name.
You call me out
From the shelter of comfort
And ask me to release all fear.
I walk to the ladder leading to the unknown and begin to climb.
Ahead, I see the platform…the bridge to the destiny prepared for me.
I approach the final rung, and I step onto the springboard.
The winds grab hold of the water
Mocking me with a rising wave,
And I lose sight of You…for a moment.
I cautiously move forward,
My heart racing to beat with Yours.
As I come to the point of trust,
My toes grip the edge of the plank,
And my arms stiffen with an attempt to retreat.
You see the physical wrath upon me,
Yet, You continue to call me out
From under the protection of my own shell.
You hear the cries of my heart
Betraying the screams of my body.
You open Your arms, stretch out Your hands, and speak…
The wind and the waves
Know Your voice
And obey.
At that very moment of peace, my eyes close, and I
Into the unfamiliar.
Into the uncomfortable.
Into the unknown.
Into the safety net
Only You provide.
Walking on water,
You call me by name.
You carry me across the raging sea.
You bring me to places I’d never go alone.
You call me out, and You are there.

– Stephanie Gable