Power can be defined as a source or means of supplying energy.  



Ephesians 3:20 “Now to him that is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his POWER that is at work within us…”



I don’t know about you; but exercising is important to me. I exercise because I want to maintain my health and because I want to keep my “skinny in my mini.”  


Every now and then, while at Herman Park, I have these aha moments. It is as if GOD speaks directly to me. Well, actually he often speaks metaphorically to me. I just need to be willing to listen. Most of the time, I am- willing to listen to the message.    


Last week, GOD said to me- “you wouldn’t be able to run if you didn’t have the power to do so.” Instantly I thought of the many people in the medical center, which were probably powerless. I felt somewhat sad for them. So you guys know me, I did a quick prayer on the go- I sent blessings to those that were currently powerless in the medical center and then I thanked GOD for my ability to run. As always, another layer to the metaphor was revealed-I thought about my diet and I felt convicted. For the past few months, my eating habits have been somewhat poor. My sugar intake has increased, my wine intake has increased, my fast food intake has increased- I have been eating poorly although I want to maintain overall health and accomplish my wellness goals.  


I was like okay GOD. I have been eating poorly because I haven’t had the time and my schedule is crazy. He was clear and said… “junk in junk out!” Initially, I was like GOD “duh.” I need to eat; however, He then said to me….”you will not be able to run towards my promise if you don’t have the power to do so.”   


I said okay GOD. I have been praying, I have been seeking, I have been knocking- so what are you saying. He said that’s good- get rid of the junk. He said I need you to remove the junk so that I can work within you. He took me to Ephesians 3:20…God wants to do more for me, more than I could even ask for or think—there is one condition. His power can only work within me if I remove the junk. He then said, Lereca I am your source, I am your supply, I am your spiritual diet, I need you to spend more time with me, so that I help reveal the additional junk, remove it, and can work within you to bless you immeasurably more. Lereca- “this isn’t about you!”


WOW! What a statement.  


There it was, he revealed more words…. PRIDE, EGO, CONTROLL, PERFECTIONISM, ANXIETY, FEAR….. GOD is calling me to surrender.  


You like me, might be doing what is right by the book. You are praying, reading, studying, and sharing the will of GOD; but GOD wants to stretch you to another level.  

My question to you today is….what is GOD calling you to do? What is fueling you? What is your energy source? What junk do you need to remove? Are you anxious about change in your life; but you are not surrendering to the process?  


In order for GOD to bless you “immeasurably” you must make room for his power to work in you. I highly recommend you rid yourself of the junk. If you don’t know what your junk is…ask Him about it. He will show you.  


Let’s do this! I DARE you!



Dear God,


Thank you so much for revealing to me the junk I need to remove from my life. Thank you for also showing me that I need to spend more quality time with you to receive your POWER. It is through your power, that you will show others how powerful you are. Thank you for allowing me to be a messenger. Thank you for the abundance. I LOVE YOU.  


Commit to the challenge. I DARE you. 

                  ~ Lereca Monik 
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