The Prize 

Everyone wanted him

To be seen with him

To be liked by him…

To be desired by

This beautiful boy




But on the inside 




So lonely

So tired


Running from

His own shadow 

No one can claim you son

You are the prize

Purchased and paid for

Jesus Christ

The highest bidder

Laying down His life 

So He could win you



His Prize





Rest in The Lord 

Run no more

Come Home

❤️ Krystal Lynne




To know can be defined as being absolutely certain or sure about something.



Jeremiah 29: 11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”



The other day my sister and I were conversing about teenagers and their responses to questions. She told me that often she has to remind her children about the difference of thinking, believing, and knowing. My sister shared that often when asked a questioned about school, important dates, and friends: her children respond with “I think or I believe…” My sister confirmed with her children that merely thinking or believing is not definitive and that she needs them to know.  


When my sister was sharing this story with me…I thought how profound! It made me think about how we communicate with GOD, our father. We, as children of GOD sometimes diminish our GOD given dreams and/or visions. Everyday life, has told us that we are unable to pursue what GOD has placed in our souls. We begin devaluing what we have been purposed for.  


Quick Question:

Do you fall asleep at night thinking about the vision that GOD has given you?

Do you know GOD has more in store for your life?

Do you find yourself devaluing what you have been purposed for?


I want you to KNOW that GOD has given you the VISION and he will provide the PRO-VISION to bring what you see to life.  


The key is to move into a place of knowing verses instead of remaining in the space of thinking or feeling. When we know something will happen, our thoughts and energies will move in that direction and we will create massive momentum to make it happen. We will not doubt. We will approach that goal with boldness. We will abandon the disbelief of self and other.  


God already knows. We need to know. How do we move to the place of knowing? The key is to rely on GOD’s word. In order to rely on the word, we’ve got to spend time in the word. When we communicate with GOD from a place of knowing we will see his declaration for our lives: his plans for us to prosper and have an abundant future.  


Be Bold. Abandon Disbeliefs. Be Fearless. Watch GOD move.  





Dear God,


Thank you so much for declaring prosperity for my life. Thank you for helping me rely on you to move the vision you’ve given me from slow motion to swift movement.   


Commit to the challenge.  

I DARE you. – LeReca Monik
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