Always The Call 

God always wants to take you somewhere else

Another path

opposite direction leading you

Through the storm, 

lighting each step with His love…

Pushing you further than you ever thought you could grow

God always demands more than you’re giving

His holiness requires anointed living

Meekness of heart

 a tongue saved by the blood

Faithfulness and generosity to those He places

Lovingly in your keep

Strangers, now friends, your family

He always says to me

“Krystal, will you feed my sheep?

 Will you feed my lambs? 

Will you move on up to where I am?”

God always moves past my plan

Taking me to no man’s land

Which is way narrow

Absolutely contrary to

Any lifestyle or road

That I would live or choose

This place lives within your heart

It is Gods Kingdom

It is where I belong

It is where He always calls me

❤️Krystal Lynne