Looking Ahead 

Today the contractors are completely done and my 40 days in the wilderness are finally OVER! 

My journey actually started way before these last 40 days. 

I don’t even remember clearly the last 7 months and 10 days very well. I have continued to glimmer even faintly at times through it all and not really shined as I should. I am not even worried about that because God loves me and forgives me even when I don’t shine as brightly as I should. 
Many that follow the blog know a general idea of some that has been going on from the other blogs I have written- it has been just lots and lots of stress from many house issues, health issues, and family issues. 
 I can see so many blessings that were weaved throughout all the trials now.  

It is Amazing how time puts things into a much clearer perspective.

 I ain’t gonna lie folks- some days were rough! 

Brutal in fact- I whined and cursed and had a few pity parties but I still clung to God and His Promises.

I won’t rehearse all the lists of unfortunate events. In the grand scheme, they probably are so minor to the trials some of you are facing. Each person has their own stuff and degree to which they can take on and withstand the various trials and spiritual attacks on their lives. We shouldn’t compare our blessings or trials with anyone. 

I got some criticism for posting my frustrations on Facebook back in May when I was close to my breaking point. But the encouragement quickly outweighed the critics. I am only human, and am still imperfect.  
Many were encouraged by the verse I shared….

That clinches it—help’s coming,

    an answer’s on the way,

    everything’s going to work out.~ Psalm 20:6 MSG

I clung to this Promise and some days when I could not figure out how in the world things would work out- they did, they have, and they continue to do so.  

So in celebration of the dawning of this new day and chapter and ending of a very trying season, I am looking ahead. I am choosing to list my many blessings instead of rehearse the burdens. 
Actually, I quickly listed 40- keeping with the 40 Days it took for things to be Restored!  

Much much more has been restored than just my home.

  Here is my quick list of 40 Blessings:

1.MIL is home and doing well and getting healthy and strong again.
2. Termite damage fixed

3. Leak fixed

4. Walls repaired

5. New floors

6. Ability and provision to do additional home upgrades and remodels

7. Special friends that take me to the ER, keep me laughing while waiting with me. Clear catscans.

8. Ability to get away for 3 days to the Hill Country and enjoy nature and God’s Artwork. 

9. Contractors starting the week school ended 

10. Cooking friends that brought food when kitchen was out of order for 3 weeks.

11. Non complaining kiddos

12. Awesome Hubby

13. Praying friends and pastors that covered us in prayers, sent cards, texts or came for visits. 

14. Special friends that listened to me whine and kicked my butt in shape pointing me back to the Truth and checked on me daily and kept encouraging me. 

15. Family willing to eat microwave dinners and soup while kitchen out of commission.

16. Contractors that I have known almost 20 years gave me really awesome prices to upgrade many other items.

17. A painter that is awesome and cheap. 

18. A driving teen that can drive me home with limited vision after having a detached vitreous last week. Although he hit a curb and almost got us T-Boned, God protected us. 

19. Ability to have insurance and see a great specialist for my eyes. 

20. IV steroids to help me move pain free while on our trip to Hill Country.

21. Laughter

22. Music

23. Our Church and the sermons online when we couldn’t make it there in person.

24. The Gift of Goodbye for a toxic relationship.

25. Healing and Forgiveness for new relationships and repaired relationships. 

26. Divine Connections

27. Sozo

28. Inner healing work

29. Husband traveling for work allowed him to rest and was a nice break from his normal 16/17 hour days.

30. Peace

31. Mercy

32. Health

33. Running water

34. AC fixed twice this month without having to get a new unit.

35. Rain for the garden

36. Flowers

37. Divine Appointments

38. Water lines fixed for fridge

39. Ministry partners

40. Blogging friends 
There are so many more things big and small I am truly grateful for.   I practice a daily gratitude journal and have done so for years.  It helps! 

Thanksgiving is Good-But Thanks-Living is Better! 
I am excited and hopefully anticipating a bright new season! I look forward to the rest of our summer and having some rest and family time. I look forward to finally not setting alarms. I am so happy to be looking ahead! 
God is Good All The Time-

All The Time God Is Good! 
Keep counting the blessings and not the burdens! 

And if you are going through your own wilderness experience and ready for your 40 days or 40 years to be over, cling to God and His Promises. 

It’s ok- God loves you even when you whine

Just remember to glimmer till you can shine! 
             ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

A Mother’s Plea 


She is

Saying Good-Bye

To her son….

It is a long goodbye

But a short…


The sting somehow

Softening the blow

It Stinks!!!!

He seems to be

Letting go 

Making it easier

For everyone 

Not wanting

To linger 

Or fight

He is tired

She is on fire

They are bound

By love

A cord and chord

Birth, life, death

All in accordance 

To the time

They spent


Courage SHOUTS!

Run for your life!!!


He is living 

On the fumes

Of prayer


The heart wrenching 


Of his


❤️Krystal Lynne