Just think of the word for a few minutes. 

You lose keys, money and pounds. 

You also lose people. 

People that you’ve never met but who you’ve empathized with because of their plight and people that you’ve loved for your entire life. 

You lose them to diseases, other people, drugs, alcohol and even to themselves. 

You can sit in the same room with someone and know they are no longer there. You can have a conversation and know they haven’t heard a word. You can watch someone take a drink and know that it could be their last.

The loss can be so eviscerating that you cannot catch your breath. You can be so lost in memories of who they once were and their stolen potential that you lose yourself, for a moment, in despair. 

There are those that will never come back…those that are dying of Alzheimer’s and cannot remember their own name. Then there are those who chose their demons until they are a shell of who they once were. 

The outline of who someone once was is always there. The chin bone that juts out. The bushy eyebrows. Their laugh. A little glimmer in the darkest of times. Sometimes it’s a choice to grab the light and fight your way back to the surface. Sometimes it’s just that…a glimmer. A fleeting beautiful moment of utter sunshine on the darkest days only to be gone as quickly as it surfaced.

What matters in loss is how those that are living respond. We fail because we are living. We fail because we have never been lost. We fail because it’s easier than facing the future and past. 

Remember the glimmers and seek them out. 

Find the light in the darkness. Walk the dead back to life.

~ Elissa Renee Shelton



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