Open Books 


A book without a binding cover is just a collection of pages which can fall out or be blown away by any strong wind.

You have heard it said you can know a person like an ‘open book’.

We are just like books when Jesus saves us…

He steps into our life and binds us together, He not only binds the past chapters of our life, but also secures the future unread chapters.

Not only that, He protects us with a beautiful covering and makes our life story complete.

He smoothes and guilds our sharp and rough edges with fine gold, He also embossed a name on us that is unique and describes our purpose.

He attaches a fine ribbon to mark our place in our story, so we never lose our place or way again.

He also makes a space for us where we perfectly fit, a shelf of rest where we lean on like minded others for support and we stand upright knowing He owns us.

But He never leaves us long before He picks us up once again, opens us up and spends time studying our life’s pages.

As His eye’s scan every word and every letter, He rejoices when our pages speak testimony of what God has done in us and for us.

He holds us in His strong hands and when He has placed us in His chest pocket, close to His heart, He walks with us.
What type of book are we?

We are living Bibles, the Word of God alive in us.

When you invite Jesus into your heart and life, your story is just beginning… 

– Rev. Phillip Hand