Thirsty Hearts: How I’m Like The Woman At The Well

Today we are giving Lereca a much needed break to recoup and rest after all the flooding in Houston, TX last week. Keep her in your prayers to get some much needed rest and recharge time. She will be back soon bringing you much more amazing DARE Monday Meditations.

Today we share this amazing post by Jennifer Renee Watson. If you haven’t checked out her blog before- you need to! But be warned-you will be hooked! You can sign up and follow her so you don’t miss a second of her awesome gift with words.

Have a blessed day! XXOO Michelle Bollom

Jennifer Renee Watson


The Jesus I know goes out of his way to meet with messy girls like us. My goal has always been to love in a way that says, “Please interrupt me.”

It’s easier for us to feel strong and put together. But, sometimes I think we are just faking it because we view neediness as weakness. But, I think neediness really is something we have need of wrapped in hope. My needs lead me to a God who knows what to do when I have no stinking clue what’s next.

Hope always rises. Always. There’s a beauty in allowing your life to come to a halt, and then a slow start that seems like a pace that is steady. I’ve learned how to slow down even though the wheels in my head are constantly turning.

Sometimes I feel like I’m in deep water and still somehow thirsty for a new…

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