Drawn To The Water 

I’m drawn to the water,

And I don’t know why.

My hands are dirty,

As I walk on by.
I stroke your feet,

And I don’t know why.

My heart is leaping,

As I walk on by.
I clutch your garment,

And I don’t know why.

My thoughts are not mine,

As I walk on by.
I look into Your eyes,

And I don’t know why.

My cheeks are wet,

As I walk on by.
I’m drawn to the water,

And I now know why.

My thirst is quenched, 

As I no longer walk on by.
-S. Gable

The Big Event 

That rain is ready for us
This reign is here
He is Coming
Readiness working
Out the wrinkles…
His Spirit
Wetting our appetites 
For Truth
For Justice
The Big Event
We have longed for
Breaking our Hearts
Preparing our Life
For Freedom
Rain signaling Expedience
And Tears….
We Cry Out To You Lord!
Humbling Our Hearts
So You Can Heal
Our Land
This woman and man
You have created
You Saturate Us
You Celebrate Us
Lathering Us with Your Love 
Have Mercy God
Just One More Time
Allowing Us 
To extend the invitation
Of your marvelous Salvation
Before the door of that
Ark called earth is shut
And Hidden
Open Our Eyes
Open Our Ears
Open Our Hearts
The Prodigals Returning
Run To Them
Embrace Their Return
Teach Them To Serve
Surrender Your Control
Trusting in the Storm

❤️Krystal Lynne 

My Saving Grace 


For as long as I can remember, I’ve had faith. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had trust. If one knew the history of my life, they would wonder how this little girl escaped the clutches of the enemy and rose above the curse that was surely attached to my childhood. My self-diagnosis ……. God.

One of the earliest memories I have, which happens to be one of the last childhood memories of my mother, is well before kindergarten, which at that time started when you were about six years old. I remember my mother, coming to the back yard as I was standing on the highest place I could find. I strove to find the closest place to God I could ……… a 4×4 piece of scrap wood I had put on an overturned 2 quart pot my mother had given me to “mix” ingredients for mud pies. 

Out of the blue, she appeared. She stood at the back door with this weird look on her face, a puzzlement to me that looked like a swirl of love and question. I wondered if I was in trouble. She raced to me and gave me the biggest hug and the best kisses a kid could ask for.  She said, “Mrs. Cratz from across the street just called and said you were singing at the top of your lungs!” I thought for sure I was in trouble, despite the hugs and kisses. If I had disturbed the neighbors, it was surely a serious offense. My mother said, “Mrs. Cratz said you were so beautifully singing, “At the Cross,” that she was moved to tears.” I would imagine there was no beauty in the notes at the belting of my song, perhaps it was simply the words. 

I later learned, I was four years old.

Directly across the street from our little house, was a small Baptist church. When I say “across the street,” I mean about 8-10 adult paces. We lived in a very tiny town. This was my place of refuge. I loved God. I loved the people who loved God, and apparently, by the time I was four, I was dressing myself in my finest and attending church by myself. I remember one time I couldn’t find any clean underwear, so I wore my brothers, haha. I was scolded for this when I got home, but it was worth not missing Sunday morning church! Oh, how I loved those songs! They spoke to me, ministered to me. At the time, I didn’t know why. I didn’t realize the circumstances I was in were abnormal and potentially life altering. I just knew, I loved God!

This was my saving grace.

Life happened, as it unrealistically does. I went through some hard, horrible, and terrible things. They were not exclusive, my siblings experienced them as well and in no way have I ever felt singled out, like I was the only one, or had feelings of “poor pitiful me.” 

Save your pity for someone who needs it, I’m an overcomer!

Then I was married. Then I had kids. Still, my burdens were light. As I worked my way through my horrors as a child, I sought God, my heart needed Him. Before I ever knew salvation, He was all I had ever known. Marriage brought new challenges, but my children brought new opportunities. A gift, a second chance to change that curse of childhood, to do better. I was committed. I was determined.

As a young adult and mother in the Christian community, I would often hear older folks say, “I wish Jesus would just come back now.” I admired and looked up to these people, but in my heart, I didn’t feel the same. That made me feel guilty, lacking spiritually somehow. In truth, I wanted to see my three handsome boys become men. As a homeschooling, dedicated mom, I wanted to see the fruits of my labor come to pass. I wanted to see marriages, grandchildren ……. I wanted to see my babies flourish. I knew this was a selfish thing, somehow, somewhere. But I couldn’t deny, it was how I truly felt.

Today, almost twenty years later, so much has been experienced since the days of naivety and innocence. My view has changed drastically. 

My son, nine tender years of age, asks me, “Isn’t Jesus coming back soon, Mama?” 

The days of levity and carefree illusions are past. Sam sees what I see. We both see what the elders of my day must have seen. Devastation on a personal level, of drugs and sin in those we love. I see siblings struggle with past issues that has led them down a different path. They have often asked me how I turned out so normal when everyone else seems to be such a mess. I used to feel guilty about that, honestly. And hey, I’m not really that normal. I’ve strayed, made mistakes, done some really stupid things, but I’ve always had God. And that’s what I tell them.

On the news Sam sees innocence lost in that beautiful twelve year old girl forced to execute a Christian at the hands of masked, horrid men, proclaiming god’s will. He sees a Godless people, forcing the Godly to prove their right, prove their faith, and fight for their freedom. It disturbs his spirit and makes him angry.

My son, is truly the son of his mother.

In my youth, when I could not justify for my personal, selfish reasons, the feelings of my elders ….. Now I pray ….. NOW, as they did. “Jesus, come quickly!” I beg forgiveness for my selfish and worldly desires to see my children reach maturity. To not have one more day I worry about my heartsick loved ones, to not have one more feeling of insufficiency, to know that not one more Christian, one more person, is taken, or sacrificed for their belief in MY JESUS ……. To BE with God, converse with Noah, and walk with Jesus …… Now THAT my friends, is living!

And so, many years later, I realize ….. at four years old, Jesus held me close to his breast, cared for me, protected me. For that was when, “I first saw the light. And the BURDENS of my heart rolled away.” Burdens I didn’t even know I carried.

I thank you Father, that You took my burdens ever so young. You showed me grace. The plan of the enemy was thwarted and I have been repaid 100 times over. Thank you Father, for your saving grace. 

It was there by faith, I received my sight.

~ Sandra K. Yates 





Discipline can be defined as the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience or activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill.



Hebrews 12:11 “For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.



For the past few months, I have been trying or thinking about scheduling time to accomplish two things:  work out and focus on building my business.  With being somewhat new to motherhood and having a new job, I began making the excuse of not having the time.  Yep, I said it- the EXCUSE!    It became clear to me that instead of making excuses, I needed to exercise discipline.    


If you think about it, many of us have goals we want to accomplish in life, sometimes taking the first step seems like the hardest thing to do and many times when we do take the first step we make the excuse of not having the time or then when we find the time, we give up.  Do you too find yourself saying…”it’s okay, I will work on that tomorrow or I will schedule that when XYZ happens?”    Do you too find yourself partially completing the task?   Have you ever started something and then stopped it?   Have you given up on your dreams and your goals? 


Just when I thought this post was about personal goals.  As always GOD gave me a different direction.  He whispered….. you all struggle with something in the flesh that you want to be delivered from.   Instead of exercising discipline, you’ve been saying….I will give that up tomorrow, I will pray about that later, I will love some other time, my addiction doesn’t matter, and my attitude is just fine…” 


Ouch!  For me, I have been asking GOD to cover me and not been disciplined in my prayer life.  For the past few months, I have been doing “prayers on the go”  My prayers on the go look like this:  I pray while I lay in bed, I pray real quickly in the car (while I am really paying attention to traffic or listening to music), I might say a quick prayer in the morning while showering.   


In order to pursue personal goals, we need to make a DECISION to be DISCIPLINED in our DICIPLESHIP.   When we choose to be DISCIPLINED in our DICIPLESHIP, we connect with GOD on a deeper level and we allow God’s power to help us manifest all that we want in life.  


If you- like me have big goals that you want to accomplish or if you want GOD to move in your life, stop making excuses and call on GOD to help you.  Move your time with GOD from prayers on the go- to a scheduled time every day.  This is my challenge I challenge you to get DISCIPLINED about your DICIPLESHIP.  The scripture tells us that when we do, we yield peaceful fruit.   Go bear your fruit.



Dear God, 

Thank you so much for showing where I need discipline.  Father, please help me get serious about carving out specific time each day to converse with you.  Your scripture tells me that when I exercise discipline, for a moment, I might experience pain; but I if remain steadfast, I will yield fruit.  Thank you so much for the fruit I will bear.  


Commit to the challenge.

  I DARE you. ~Lereca Monik 

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Alternate Routes


I was shopping the other day and the department store had a great song playing I had never heard before.  I had to look it up and found that it was “Nothing More” by the band The Alternate Routes.
Interesting name for a band. 
The chorus speaks volumes:
We are Love
We are One
We are how we treat each other when the day is done.
We are Peace
We are War
We are how we treat each other and Nothing More
But let’s look at the rest of the great lyrics to this song….

To be humble, to be kind.
It is the giving of the peace in your mind.
To a stranger, To a friend
To give in such a way that has no end.

I started thinking of some alternates throughout the song:

Humble or Proud

Kind or Rude

Give or Take 

Friend or Stranger 

Peace or War

One or More

Darkness or Light 

Love or Anger 

Give or Take

Beginning or End  

We are Love
We are One
We are how we treat each other when the day is done.
We are Peace
We are War
We are how we treat each other and Nothing More

And then there was this great part in the lyrics…

To be bold, to be brave.
It is the thinking that the heart can still be saved
And the darkness can come quick
The Dangers in the Anger and the hanging on to it.

The Dangers in the Anger– and hanging on to it! 


We are Love
We are One
We are how we treat each other when the day is done.
We are Peace
We are War
We are how we treat each other and Nothing More

And then these lyrics:

Tell me what it is that you see
A world that’s filled with endless possibilities?
Heroes don’t look like they used to, they look like you do.

What do you see? Do you see a hero staring back at you in the mirror? Do you see the alternate routes available to you as you travel this life? Do you see endless possibilities? Are you bold and brave? Humble and kind? 

Let go of all the anger.  We can be peace or we can be war- but we can’t be both at the same time.  May we always choose the right and best alternate routes.  We are how we treat each other and nothing more. 

We are Love
We are One
We are how we treat each other when the day is done.
We are Peace
We are War
We are how we treat each other and Nothing More

Nothing More by The Alternate Routes 

Turn up the volume & Enjoy this great song! 

XXOO Michelle Bollom 


The Potters Favor 


You can’t speak for me
If you will not listen!
Be quick to listen
Slow to speak
Slow to wrath!…
You will find me
When you seek me
What are you seeking?
Me or my provision?
I’m the prize!
I’m the treasure!
Love me now
Then you’ll 
Have the Potters 
The spinning wheel
The clay and water
The fragile child
The loving Father
Waiting on 
The change
That must take place
Will you bend?
Will you break?
Will you seek
My face?
Round and Round
We go
My will
Is done.

❤️Krystal Lynne 

A New Season To Flourish


I love trees. I love to see them so tall with their broad, ever changing and majestic crowns. They sway with the breeze in gentle praise.  In the storm, they bow down low in humble worship. 


My favorite time to watch the trees is when they are in full array in late spring and of course, summertime. 


To watch the trees, I go to “Africa”. 

My front yard is lined with big, flat rocks. Some might call them boulders, but in comparison to the geological wonders here, they are merely big rocks. These rocks are a nice decoration to our yard but also provide a place to sit, something for Cowboy, my son, to climb on, and cool relief to a dog’s belly in the summertime. Mostly, they are a warning of the 30 foot drop on the other side, which if not heeded would surely be a painful tumble down to the Creek Road.  

But I digress …… One of these rocks is marvelously shaped almost identically, like the continent of Africa.  Here is where I sit to contemplate the cosmos, and to commune with my God.


It’s been far too long since I’ve visited Africa. Nature has prevented our coming together for nearly six months. Today I was drawn to her; my sprit man yearned for a meeting. I sat down in the warm sunshine. A gentle breeze blew across my face and through my hair. Yes, it was good to be back.  With my face to the sky, I soaked in the sunshine, which had been so very absent from my life as of late. I began to feel lazy and lay down on my side, looking out over the valley. 


I could see the tops of many trees, yet had as many more to tower above me as if to keep me humble. Today my trees did not look very majestic. They swayed with the stubble of leaves just beginning, like an awkward adolescent between childhood and man, gangly and sprawling. Still, they moved in quiet praise. I wondered, “Do they ever yearn for spring like I do?” A silly notion of course, impatience in a perfectly designed, life sustaining part of creation, ha! But it led me to consider …..


It must have taken much to withstand the winter we had this year. For six months they’ve weathered high winds, snow, sleet, and spent many weeks entombed in ice. As they stood dormant and resting, strong against the onslaught and cruel grip of winter, many lost limbs, big limbs, that had not been strong enough to withstand the trial. Loss which was undoubtedly needed, as the dead wood drained precious life from the healthy tree. Several trees didn’t make it at all.  Yet here they are, continuing life again.


Being in a spiritual place right now where everything appears to be the same yet nothing is familiar, I thought about my trees. How beautifully perfect my God is.  I have weathered many storms, feeling dormant and useless at times. Yet the trials have broken off my deadwood, pruning me, getting me ready and allowing me “rest” as God prepared me for growth.  In this new place God is bringing me, I feel like that gangly adolescent, attempting to grow, struggling to understand, and desperately trying to bloom. 


I lay on my rock for a long time, telling God how marvelous He Is. Adoring His love and all knowing wisdom for what we need, when we need it. I told Him how marvelous He is to have created such amazing things. In reply He whispered ever so gently, “Yes, but my daughter is the greatest of My creations. You too will flourish again and be green and lush, just as your trees will.”


Though at times I’ve foolishly doubted spring would EVER get here this year, logically and in my heart, I knew it would. So I stand, as my trees stand. I’ve withstood the winter, I’ve shucked my deadwood, I’m ready for my spurt of growth, I’m ready to flourish! I don’t have to understand it all. I don’t have to be graceful and never trip, for His grace upholds me.  All I have to do is stand …. stand with all of creation and give my Father praise ….. 

 Just like the trees.

                    ~ Sandra K. Yates 

You Have A Green Light 


The highways in England have a lot of traffic signal lights, in most towns and cities it won’t be long before you run into a stop light.
The red light means you STOP and the oncoming vehicles have rights to cross your path.
The amber or yellow light means CAUTION and of course green means GO and is the delight of all drivers!
As I sit at red lights for what often feels like a lifetime I cannot help but think of the following spiritual analogy when it comes to the gospel of good news…

Jesus Christ gave us all a green light…

He said, ‘GO into all the world and preach the gospel, cast out demons and heal the sick’.

There were no stop lights or caution lights with Jesus instructions, it’s clear roads ahead with precise instructions to all of His disciples.

The powers of darkness have been ordered to stop at the light of Christ and they no longer have any rights by law to cross our path and hinder our journey.

As I read through the New Testament of the Holy Bible I often see red lights shine our way, not from demons alone but from those with a spirit of religion and envy.

Many times the religious would feel insecure and no longer in control. They would hear the message of grace, hear the prayers of faith and witness the miracle healing’s and as they did they began to see red.

Often in an effort to keep their religious empires intact they would stir up the people and beat down the disciples, sometimes to the point of death.

Those victories over the disciples were always short lived because soon many more from their own ranks learned of the new and better way through Jesus Christ and His cross roads.

The message of Jesus cannot be stopped, so I encourage you today to move forward, you have set before you a green light and a promised destination.

Christian you no longer need to move with caution but with full confidence that Jesus has commissioned you to His work.

Now GO!
– Rev. Phillip Hand
To learn more about Phillip & Rebecca Hand and their wonderful ministry-Click here 


No Compromise! 


Most of my life has been wrapped around other peoples’ opinions, I wanted to please my parents, I wanted to please my friends, I wanted to please my fellow church goers, I wanted to be ACCEPTED! 
Of course, the older we get the more the word “compromise” becomes important. 
As we grow, we realize there is no gray area, only black …. and white. Acceptance to people gives way to God’s will. I don’t want to live in that bleak gray area. I want to be shining in His light. I want my life to reflect the light of the Son in a blazing white light of glory!  

 There have been many times I’ve given way to compromise. I will negotiate with my husband on this matter  … or that, I will give in to a later bedtime for Cowboy on a special night. But there are things I will NOT compromise …….

God is first. What He says, what He tells me to do, and His promises …. this will always come first. I know if I follow this, all will be well with me and mine. 

There are times, when so many things come as an onslaught, that we tend to forget our first love, our priorities. With every problem, every distraction, every worry that is brought before us, it’s easy to loose sight of our first love, our first commitment. Eventually, our joy will be lost as well. And what is life without joy? It’s toil, it’s existence. I don’t want to merely exist, do you? NO! We want to LIVE!

It is our choice to accept the things that would bring us down and separate us from our first love. Problems …. sure, we all got them. It’s not the lack of troubles that makes us live, but rather how we LIVE while we are in those troubles. A tree is known by its fruit. But does not the soil have to work and toil to get the minerals in which to live? YES! And so must we! We must seek and search after our God, our source of nourishment, we must choose to live in the abundance of grace and love that has been provided for us. It’s all a choice.

So choose you this day. Will you succumb to the wiles of the enemy who would desire to bring you down, discourage and destroy you? Or will you choose to reach higher, love greater, forgive 70 times 7, and receive the blessing of the Most High? 

I choose life. Not just the breath of an eternal body, but everlasting life. I choose His life over my own fleshly desires. I choose to live.

So if I seem strange to you, like I don’t quite fit in ….. that ‘s ok. This ain’t high school and I don’t care what others think of me. This is eternity. I know where I’ll spend it, do you? 

And guess what, I don’t want to slide in by the skin of my teeth. NO! I want God to look at me and say, “Well Done MY good and faithful servant!”  You can call me weird, you can say I’m an outcast. It’s all to His glory for I AM a peculiar person and NOT of this world. I am honored that you perceive me as different, it means I’m doing something right because I don’t blend in! I do not and I WILL not conform to this world.

Stand Tall ye of faith! Give praise to the One who has made you! For He knows the number of hairs upon your head, how well yet, does He not know where He leads you? 

Go forth, without fear. Go forth in faith. Fear not, for He is with you!

~Sandra K. Yates 





Thoughts can be defined as an idea or opinion produced by thinking or occurring suddenly in the mindthe action or process of thinking, or to believe to be true of someone or something.



Proverbs 23:7 “…For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.



Earlier this week, when I was in a meditative state-I started to ponder on the thought of “as a man thinks in his heart so is he.”    I began the practice of changing anything that I could perceive to be negative into a positive.   What I realized that the GOD is at center of our lives, he will change anything the enemy meant for evil into good. 


I thought I would go through the alphabet and transition something that could be perceived as negative into something positive.


You can move from:  


feeling Abandoned to feeling Accepted, 

having a Broken past to giving Birth to a new future,

experiencing Calamity to experiencing Calmness

facing Disappoint to seeing your Destiny

being Exploited to Exhorting the masses

living in Grief to living in Growth

having Heartache to being Hopeful

acting as an Imposter to having a defined Identity

being wrongfully Jailed to facing God given Justice

being Kidnapped to living in the Kingdom

experiencing Loss to appreciating Life

Mourning death to seeing the light of the Morning which is life 

living a Narcotized life to living a New life

living in your Past to pursing your Passion

feeling Queer to being a Queen

being Rejected to experiencing God’s Redemption

dreading the Symptom to seeing God’s Solutions

experiencing Turmoil to experiencing Triumph

feeling Useless to feeling Useful 
being the Victim to being Victorious

Worrying  to Worshiping

Being Xenophobic to being xenodochial

feeling Young in Christ to being Yoked in Christ
feeling Zapped of energy to being Zealous about God’s energy.


What you think about, you bring about.  Evaluate your thoughts. How are you thinking about relationship with life? With God? With yourself? With others?  I suggest evaluating your thoughts and at moments when you are feeling low- try to think about something positive.  You will observe that you can change your life simply by changing the way you think.  Give it a try! 


I challenge you to commit to this change and watch your life transform!



Dear GOD,


Thank you so much for helping me to embrace positive thinking.  At moments when I experience pain please help me understand that the experience is just another piece of the puzzle for me to live a purposed life.   

Commit to the challenge.  I DARE you. 

~Lereca Monik