A Soft And Sweet Answer 


“A gentle response defuses anger, but a sharp tongue kindles a temper-fire.”                                         ~Proverbs 15:1 MSG
This is the scripture of the day today in my Bible app. It is so very true and one I remind myself of almost daily! And…One I use often with my girls. 
A true life lesson.

If I could really grasp this principle from Proverbs, how many arguments could I avoid? 

Sometimes I am reluctant to have this soft response because it feels like I am validating the anger not to react to it, but if I really trust the Lord that HE can make things right if I respond correctly to others, then I am capable of a soft and sweet answer in the face of nasty. 

In this aspect, may we all be fire-extinguishers, instead of kindling wood. I have to say, when I have gone and said what I felt “needed to be said!” I have never felt better afterwards. Usually a sickening feeling of regret has accompanied the sweet reminder from Jesus that now, just as he is talking to the other angry person, he is also now having to talk to me about my response and attitude. 

And true to form, He never yells angrily. He obeys his own advice and speaks sweetly and softly to stir my heart to repentance. My dad always told us that we are only responsible for our response to any situation. And not responsible for anyone else’s. 

He DRILLED that in our heads. I have had to use this advice continually over this obstacle course called life soooo many times. 

Lord, thank you for always having patience with me as I learn to speak sweetly and softly to those who are angry and frustrate me. Whether that’s to my spouse, my friends, my daughters, my family or even strangers in traffic. 😳 You never ask us to do something you don’t demonstrate. Thank you for being so amazing towards me. For your unconditional love, I love you, my precious savior.  

Never miss a good opportunity to shut up.” – Will Rogers

~ Megan Enis 

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