Wedding Rings 


When I look at my wedding ring or band I am reminded of two loves in my life…
Not just my beautiful wife but my beautiful Saviour Jesus Christ too.

You see when we place a ring on our fingers we promise or vow to be faithful, love unconditionally and a man and a woman become one together.
A similar thing happens when you accept engagement with Jesus at the point of your salvation;
You accept God’s invitation and you promise to follow only Him, He loves you unconditionally and most importantly God and you become one together.

Our bands fit over our finger like a tiny suit of armour, showing the world who we belong to and that we are off limits! But the moment we take that ring off, our armour is removed and the enemy will make its advances.

The Bible teaches that we ‘are in Christ and Christ in us’ when we know Jesus as our saviour. The ring on our finger demonstrates this perfectly… if the band represents Christ then we can clearly see that we are in Him. And when we close our fists then the ring is in us with just a tiny part of Christ being visible; The world sees just a glimmer of Christ in us you could say.

Over time I can see scratches and scuffs on my wedding ring and this reminds me of all we have been through together and not once during that time did Jesus ever leave me or love me less. Sadly I know that not all earthly marriages end well, people’s sin affects their character, unforgiveness can enter hearts and love can easily leave. But the good news is that there is no sin in Jesus, He never changes, He is always faithful and His love for you is eternal. After all He laid down His life, on a cross and He bled and died to save your life, now that’s true love, He is Mr. Right!

Jesus Christ rose from the dead and is alive today living and well, calling for you and waiting for you to turn to Him.

You may not see Jesus at this time because your back is towards Him, but if you turn around and look to Him you will see how beautiful and wonderful He is!
Taking His hand will be the best decision you could ever make and will last for ever and its nothing to do with genders because this marriage ceremony is spiritual, permanent and will be performed in Heaven!

Getting engaged with Jesus Christ is easy, simply pray…
‘Jesus forgive me, Jesus come live in me.’

If you are married remember your vows, work at your marriage and love your spouse like Jesus loves you. Oh and wear your wedding band ring with pride to remind everyone you are loved on earth and also in Heaven. Now a Honeymoon in Heaven sounds good to me!

~ Rev. Phillip Hand