Thoughts can be defined as an idea or opinion produced by thinking or occurring suddenly in the mindthe action or process of thinking, or to believe to be true of someone or something.



Proverbs 23:7 “…For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.



Earlier this week, when I was in a meditative state-I started to ponder on the thought of “as a man thinks in his heart so is he.”    I began the practice of changing anything that I could perceive to be negative into a positive.   What I realized that the GOD is at center of our lives, he will change anything the enemy meant for evil into good. 


I thought I would go through the alphabet and transition something that could be perceived as negative into something positive.


You can move from:  


feeling Abandoned to feeling Accepted, 

having a Broken past to giving Birth to a new future,

experiencing Calamity to experiencing Calmness

facing Disappoint to seeing your Destiny

being Exploited to Exhorting the masses

living in Grief to living in Growth

having Heartache to being Hopeful

acting as an Imposter to having a defined Identity

being wrongfully Jailed to facing God given Justice

being Kidnapped to living in the Kingdom

experiencing Loss to appreciating Life

Mourning death to seeing the light of the Morning which is life 

living a Narcotized life to living a New life

living in your Past to pursing your Passion

feeling Queer to being a Queen

being Rejected to experiencing God’s Redemption

dreading the Symptom to seeing God’s Solutions

experiencing Turmoil to experiencing Triumph

feeling Useless to feeling Useful 
being the Victim to being Victorious

Worrying  to Worshiping

Being Xenophobic to being xenodochial

feeling Young in Christ to being Yoked in Christ
feeling Zapped of energy to being Zealous about God’s energy.


What you think about, you bring about.  Evaluate your thoughts. How are you thinking about relationship with life? With God? With yourself? With others?  I suggest evaluating your thoughts and at moments when you are feeling low- try to think about something positive.  You will observe that you can change your life simply by changing the way you think.  Give it a try! 


I challenge you to commit to this change and watch your life transform!



Dear GOD,


Thank you so much for helping me to embrace positive thinking.  At moments when I experience pain please help me understand that the experience is just another piece of the puzzle for me to live a purposed life.   

Commit to the challenge.  I DARE you. 

~Lereca Monik