A Mama’s Heart 


Spending time with you
Even for just a moment
Completes this
Mama’s heart. 
Though our moments
Are not many right now
And I dream of when
They’ll outnumber the stars,
I am thankful for having
Peace in knowing that
God is doing a tremendous
Work in you.
A work that neither you
Nor I may understand,
But a work that shall 
Be finished in a way
That only God can finish.
I am looking into our future,
And we all look better than
We look right now.
Stand strong and remember
Whose you are,
For though you are mine,
You first were His.

~ S. Gable 

A visit from my adult son prompted these words. While his walk wasn’t showing the divine work at hand, I knew the seeds that had been sown and the Word I’d received at the altar as I’d wept.  “Stand up and rejoice, for the work is already being done!”  Not many months after his visit, my prodigal son came home. The Lord is faithful to His faithful,  and I will forever stand on His promises.đŸ’œ