The Definition of Mother 


Moth’er – n. A female person, esp. one of the human race. b. Ancestress. 2. That which produced OR nurtured ANY thing: source of birth or origin. 3. a. A woman in authority or dignity like a mother, b. used specific as a title of a woman head of a religious house. 4.a. maternal tenderness or affection. b. to adopt or care for a child. c. To acknowledge affection and care for a child.

Mom, Mommy, Mother, Mama. The name holds strength and stability. As I studied each definition of Mother, I realized only ONE gave the right to birthing a child. The name means unconditional love and a place to fall, rest ….. without judgement, it means to teach and lead in spiritual truth. It means to love through every phase of rebellion, through any disagreement.

To this day, this very moment ….. I’ve never had that safe place to fall. I’ve never had that Mama I could go to with anything. If you’ve had to do without that kind of joy and stability, you surely know what a lost feeling that is.

God has tremendously made up for this loss in my life. I am Mama to four beautiful and wonderful boys. But I have other children too. Although I’ve always thought boys were my expertise, it’s amazing to me how out of all the other “kids” who call me Mama, almost all of them are young women. That’s not to take anything from their maternal moms. Not at all. But somewhere along the way, I’ve acquired something I can contribute to their lives. I can be a place of refuge and hopefully of Godly, sound advice, when there’s no one else who understands.

Every hardship, every trial, every thing we believe to be an injustice in our lives, can be used to God’s glory! 

I would encourage each of us older ladies to seek out at least one of these young women who are beginning the journey we started long ago. Keep in touch. Encourage them, show them the way and give them advice.

When Godly women lead the way, we can make a difference ,,, in turn, when the blind lead the blind, the world is also changed. 

~ Sandra K. Yates