Traveling Light


I was so honored to be asked to guest blog for Compassion That Compels this week.  I felt like this was the perfect download from God for me to share.  We all have been hurt, betrayed, rejected and struggled with forgiveness.   God also brought a situation into my life just in the last few weeks where I had to practice this as I was hurt badly by some unkind words flung at me.  

Then God also spoke to my heart about someone else that I thought I had forgiven for what I viewed as unfairly rejecting me and making some snarky comments overtime towards me.  I would say we were friends but operated more like arms distance friends.  God revealed that I was also not allowing that head knowledge into my heart and I needed to apologize for unfairly judging that someone by their past actions, and hence had blocked that person out of my life and was not really loving them at the full capacity as I should be.   

I am happy to say I have been trying to be obedient and my heart is feeling lighter.  I look forward to the possibilities of a deeper friendship with this person that I have apologized and forgiven and am excited for an opportunity to get to know them better.  I am also getting on down the road with the healing of  the other recent hurt.  

I am traveling a little more lightly friends with my traveling Light.  I am still on a journey that we all at some point have had to travel.  I am so glad that my tour guide is also the Great Restorer! 

 I hope you are encouraged by These Words too. 

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XXOO Michelle Bollom