A rainbow is an arch in the sky made up of different colors that forms when the sun’s rays are refracted by rain drops, or any display of different colors formed by the spectrum of light, or any display of vibrant or colorful things.



Genesis 9:16 Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.”



Last week was a character building week for me.  In case you are wondering how I define “character building” it is the positive way of saying that last week I encountered a few challenges.  While, I was presented a few opportunities, with those- I felt like I was also experiencing a few obstacles.  I felt like the enemy was trying his hardest to distract or frustrate me, I just felt like…BLAH!  


So to blow steam, I decided to go to Hermann Park.   After being at the park, I began feeling a little better.  Nature has a way of making me shift my emotions from feeling blah to feeling blessed.  


While at the park I had a conversation with GOD and I petitioned him for a reminder that the opportunities on the table were real.  When I looked up, guess what I saw?  I saw a rainbow. Yes, a rainbow.  Instantly, I knew that GOD was listening to everything I was saying.   I got so excited, I immediately started thanking him.  When I looked back up, the rainbow disappeared.  


I must ask, Have you ever had weeks like that?  Days where you’ve felt like blah?  Moments when you are so frustrated that you just want to blow steam?   These days are normal.  


In order to see rainbows, you must first experience darkness.   In essence, our lives represent the rainbow, each color representing different experiences and obstacles.  Just like the rainbow, when the different colors merge and the light shines through, something aesthetically appealing to the eye is formed.   Each obstacle we face is character building and contributes to the person GOD is shaping us to be.  When those experiences are merged together and when we become the person GOD wants us to be- something about us will be aesthetically appealing!   YES.


When you think about itrainbows appear after the storm (at life’s darkest moments).  First you see clouds, then you experience a little rain, after that you see a beam of light, and out of nowhere appears a rainbow.  WOW.  


God reminded me to emphasize that we might experience cloudy months, weeks, or days and in the midst we might feel beat up, lost, exhausted, hopeless or doubtful; but if we rely on him and let his light shine, he will show us the rainbow and will keep his promise. How beautiful is that! 


Thank you GOD for showing me the rainbow.    When you feel like blah, go somewhere and converse with GOD, let him reveal his promise to you! I DARE You!




Dear God,


Help me to embrace life’s experiences so that I fully radiate with your light and beauty.  Please help me to remember that your love is unconditional and that you will see me through every storm.  Thank you for your rainbow- your promise.  


Commit to the challenge.  

I DARE you. ~Lereca Monik 

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