The River 


She is River
She is Life
She is Braving
The way
As He ignites…
His fire inside
Desire whisking her
To that secret place
Hidden as if erased
Only for Him
Her heart
His prize
She is River
She is Song
She is altar
Precious perfume
Never sending Him away
Welcoming His Spirit 
As an oncoming wave
All giddy with glee
Childlike faith
She is River
She is Life
Ushering in
Presence noon, day and night 
Shining His Light
Giving her Heart
Even when it hurts
Surrendering her will
Until she burns
Rescuing those seeking refuge
Deep waters Deep dark
Sadness beckons but she runs
Where the river is fierce
Enough to swallow her whole
The River is Life
Thy will be done
Her River is Life
Come quickly Lord

❤️Krystal Lynne