Declare Yourself Healed 


Lately I have been stuck on YouTube Videos.  I have been searching for some relaxing soaking music or scriptures softly read aloud.  Anything to quiet my racing mind and get some sleep.  I stumbled across this video in March and even though the speaking is not soft and gentle I find it relaxes me and I fall into a deep sleep.  I awake refreshed and restored and I have definitely seen healing in various areas. 
We all need healing! God sent His son to take the stripes on the cross so we can be healed.
  Start to Declare Yourself Healed! 
Turn it up- listen and receive these powerful declarations for you and your loved ones. 

Lord, You take away all sickness from me. You will afflict me with none of the terrible diseases. ~Deuteronomy 7:15
XXOO Michelle Bollom