Once upon a time 
Years ago and waiting
Prayers went forth …
Seeds sown
Water sprinkled
Weeds pulled
Love protected 
Sun and Moon
Faith tended
The Father’s Will
Being done
Not my will Lord 
But thine be done
Years pass
You see nothing 
You lose hope
You see your
Dream dying
But God….
You see He
Is the gardener
Who tends
Who gives Life 
He brings it to pass
He watches us wait
And is pleased with our waiting
Finishing what He Begins
Our part is Trust 
In Him
All things become New
Only Believe
I am seeing 
He is
Setting the captives free
Even me
His Kingdom
Living in us
Like a garden
When He is
It thrives and is lush
That is His Way
Reaching us
Not only coming down
But living inside

    ❤️ Krystal Lynne