Don’t Worry Momma 


I miss Sippy cups and car seats and daycare.

 I miss kissing boo-boos and checking under the bed for monsters. I miss sweet dreams and night night prayers. I miss happy meals and chasing sunsets. I miss looking for shapes in the clouds.  I miss coloring books and reading the same stories over and over ….just because. 


I miss fire breathing dragons, and plastic dinosaurs and GI Joes with the kungfu grip and stepping on handicap Power Rangers. 


 I miss Legos, nerf wars, matchbox cars and Play doe. I miss the “I’m his Mom” T-shirt supporting whatever the interest was at the time.


 I miss when it was ok to have macaroni and cheese every day. I miss the days of being able to fix any problem with cheese puffs or a trip to Toys 4 us, not to buy anything, just to look. I miss all the colorful Sunday school artwork being on the fridge held up with every letter in the alphabet.  I miss Apple juice and Blues Clues, veggie tales and Barney. I miss little voices saying “hey mama, I lub you…I lub you … I lub you.” 


I miss pushing someone on the swing set and pulling the wagon down the sidewalk. I miss jumping on the trampoline or lying on it in the afternoon or at night, watching the sky go

by; teaching the boys just how much God loves us in every little thing that we could see.




Fear was there then but it was so different.  Now they’re teenagers and almost men, the fear seems heavier somehow.


Man, what I wouldn’t give to be worrying about them getting ringworm from playing in the mud puddles or stressing about them possibly talking to strangers (because stranger danger remember!!) 


Or playing with sticks and poking someone’s eye out.


I could so handle the monsters under the bed.  And I could tell them how to take on that mean kid on the playground…It is the world around us now….that is the real battle we face. 

The fight is bigger than we are. 

But not too big for my GOD. I trust in Him. 


As parents we pray for our children to be the men and women that we’ve raised them to be. We continue to pray them up (protect and guide them Lord) and send them out into this big bad world in hopes that they remember what they’ve been taught.


I am always telling them to “Remember your raisin, be where you are supposed to be! and be careful, Wear your seatbelt!  No Texting and driving!  Park in a well lit area!  Know your surroundings!  Do you have money?  Do you have gas?  ….. 

And then before I can finish my list of do’s and don’ts .. a smart mouthed man child with my eyes says “don’t worry mama we will only talk to the man by the dark blue van because hey! Who doesn’t love cute puppies and free candy?”  

They all laugh and walk out the door.  But not before I yell “THATS FINE! GO AHEAD! YOU’RE ALL GROUNDED!”



The Bible tells us not to worry about anything but to pray about everything. Well, If I’m truthful …I tend to do a lot of both. But hey! I am still a work in progress. 

Just like I still believe in my children, He still believes in me. If God had a refrigerator I’m sure, right at this very minute, all our pictures would be on it (The good ones and the bad) All held up with red letters that if spelled out would say I LOVE YOU… I LOVE YOU…I LOVE YOU. 


Philippians 4:6-7 -Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. 


1 John 4:19 -We love because he first loved us.


             ~Susan Q. Bailey 


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