The Tree 


Alone and barren it stands.
A somber sight to behold.
Though hollow and quiet,
Therein lies a secret.

Soon to be set afire by the rising sun,
Its brilliant apparition
Will present a glimpse
Of the life within. 

For dormancy brings rest.
Stillness brings peace.
All foreshadowing the
Beauty to come.
A stirring.  A yearning.
A reignited flame.
A newness not to replace,
But to extend.

Full and fertile, it will stand.
A breathtaking sight to behold. 
An evident gift for all
Having eyes to see and hearts to receive. 

-S. Gable

*As my family and I were traveling out of state this past Christmas, I was taken aback by the sight of an old, old tree set way back in the field along the road we traveled.  It stood alone and still.  Kansas was much further into winter than Texas, so it wasn’t a surprise that the depths of the effects of the season were undeniably apparent.  I’m certain the freezing temperatures had more than a little to do with the barren sight before me.  Having caught my eye from quite a distance, I was allowed several minutes to take it all in, and I did just that.  I knew then that there was a significance not to be forgotten , and The Lord planned for me to use it in my writing. Here I am, three months later, and a piece of that purpose is being fulfilled.  With the changing of seasons, this poem has come to light.   I believe, as with trees, God’s people go through times of dormancy, not to become comfortable in hibernation, but to be rejuvenized for the next season in order to grow and fulfill even more than before. There was much more given to me through the vision of that tree, and I look forward to future words He will soon provide.  God bless! -Stephanie