The Quivering Seed 



Yearning to believe 
Yet a little frightened
The mustard seed of faith…
Quivers in the silence
Darkness dawning the new day
Hope & Trust paving the way
Lastly Love nurturing
Mother Earths moist guidance
Propelling the seed upward
The life inside
Joyously breaking
Through soil
Pained by tribulation
Patience birthed
By the hell we loathe
Called waiting
It’s easier to believe
For you
Because I feel no pain
Faith for me is tiring
Because I’m exhausted
Flickering flames
Quivering faith
Seeds …..
We just walk away
Will our tears
Water the prayer
Gone forth?
God is not moved
By emotion
But trust
If I can muster 
A tiny seed
I know my heart
Can still believe.

❤️ Krystal Lynne