A Gift of Awakening 

Weariness is overtaking me.                  Surrendering to this force of darkness                   Is a temptation I may not resist.                              I long to find some sense of strength.

This cloud is hovering much too low. 
Do I dare take a step forward,
Lest I fall into a blur of hopelessness?
Oh, to have not lost the desire to dream.

The sting of failure is too much to bear. 
Falling, tumbling, spiraling into the pit
Is inevitable as the world closes in around me. 
The thought of being snatched up in time is no longer.

As I hit the bottom, Your presence overtakes me.
The sound of Your voice extinguishes despair.
Your words lift me to a place of no resistance.
Your brilliant light brings me renewed strength.

The sky is clear and my spirit weightless. 
I am made new as I rise with You.
To succumb to darkness, You allow me not.
With dreams You fill me as a gift of awakening.

The stench of fear no longer suffocates me.
In my failure, You stand in my place. 
Victorious not in my own right,
I call you Abba Father, Daddy God.
You are my cloud of strength, and I dream of no other.


S. Gable 2/24/15

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