Unravel Me


Unravel-(ŭn-răv′əl) verb
To separate or disentangle the threads of;
To free from complications; make plain or clear; solve:
To take apart; undo; destroy (a plan, agreement, or arrangement)

That word “Unravel”, we normally think of it being used negatively, like clothes that have started to wear out or something good being ruined. But recently I heard it used in a song lyric. I watched the Bethel Live Worship Experience of “We Will Not Be Shaken.” I have been a Jonathan and Melissa Helser fan for quite some time so I was excited that they have joined Bethel. On this worship event they sang the song, “No Longer A Slave.” In the song, he sings …”You unravel me with a melody; You surround me with a song, of deliverance from my enemies, till all my fears are calm.”

That line in the song, like an electric shock jolt, has Unraveled me in the best kind of way.

God speaks to me a lot through music. I can even hear a secular song and turn it into a worship song to the Lord. I am a huge music fan and although I love many genres, this season of my life I limit my secular music, so 99% of my music now is Christian worship music. I believe the things we sing about have power, so if we are singing about drinking and cheating and pining after an old lover, that is where our mind goes and where our mind goes, our heart and body are soon to follow. So vice versa, if we are singing of freedom, deliverance, filling us up with more of God, forgiveness, …. Our mind, our heart, and our actions will reflect it.
I use music also as a background or prompt for praying. I love to play a song over and over as you know, and those usually become a Song Sundays post. But, God is not limited to speaking to us through songs just on Sunday, and I have found lately, the songs I have been sharing with you all on the blog have been some of the most powerful songs as the backdrop to some of the most powerful intercession of prayer, not only in my life, but in the lives of many people I know. They have also ushered in some mighty big revelations from God. So, as the definition of unravel above states, “to free from complications; make plain or clear; solve.” That is exactly what God has been doing as I have been praying for Him to “Unravel Me Lord.” Not just unravel me with a song, but with Your word, and Your Spirit.

My new friend and an upcoming blog post feature said;” every great story has a backstory.”
So here is my little backstory…

I was a child gripped by debilitating fear for most of my life. Strangely, most of my friends think I am bold and fearless. While, there are many areas, and also a video to prove, where I am bold and fearless, there are areas in my life where I am still gripped by debilitating fear just as that little child was. I grew up in a dysfunctional family. It is no secret, nor does it define me or make my family any less worthy or loved. When you have an unstable childhood you learn to fear and worry. I won’t go into all the details in this post, but, I learned fear and worry at a very early age. I have vivid memories of my grandmothers worry stone that she would rub. I would sneak off myself sometimes asking the worry stone, to remove the worry and fear I was feeling. I know now that only the Great Cornerstone is capable of taking our fear and worry away; not a grandmother’s worry stone.

I also dipped my hands into more scary stuff as a child and young adult. Things like séances, Ouija boards, raise the table, bloody Mary, not to mention countless scary movies. I also dabbled with horoscopes, non-biblical dream interpretations, tarot cards, mediums, and psychics. All of this, and the worry stone, can create strongholds in our life and we have to pray and ask for forgiveness and make sure to cut those sins and the practices of those things off of us. We need to seek God and God alone for direction and answers.

I recently wrote this in my journal:
When we are seeking answers, go to the ultimate Source of Divine Revelation. God holds all the answers you seek.

When I renounced all that behavior and fully repented that it was wrong, that I was wrong, I felt many areas of bondage begin to leave me.
I had just begun recognizing that my health is a huge area the enemy likes to keep me bound in fear with. I came across that revelation recently after I had a season of fear waiting for some test results for health stuff going on and felt like I had conquered that fear with God and the help and prayers of my friends. I had felt very much at peace and God delivered me and all was well… for a time.
So why now was fear shooting up again in my life in my health and other areas?
Recently I read that Fear is one of the most common sins of our spirit that can be hard to recognize as sin. I knew that already on some level, but it was not at a deep heart level knowledge until that statement sort of jumped off the page and hit me right between the eyes.
Then I started to unpack, unravel if you will, some more threads from the Lord. Unlike unraveling threads in a garment that can render it unacceptable or useless. Unraveling the threads of revelation from the Lord are a very good thing and make us much more useful and valuable.
I started to ponder, had I fully repented to God for letting Fear take over my Faith? Or had I just trimmed it back enough, but failed to stop watering it with my unbelief? That is why it kept returning. Fear will always grow when we keep watering it with unbelief. Fear is a sin and that sin can be deeply rooted. Aha! that is why it keeps shooting back up.
Then I started thinking….
Was I sorry that my sin was blocking God’s power to fully work in my life or am I truly sorry that I hurt Christ with my sin?
There is a difference. Faith unlocks the door to God’s power, but it is honest and true repentance that opens it.
That revelation, well, you guessed it- It unraveled me!
We sometimes think, oh everyone struggles with fear or the fear of something, so we make light of it. There are so many lists of phobias out there that some can even get comical. But when you really unravel them, they are all fear, and fear is sin.
As my family and I have taken the Communion Experience challenge and started to do communion each day, God has been working some stuff out, so again you could say, He is unraveling a few things – so as I begin to acknowledge Him, He is directing my paths and showing me lots of direction in many areas.
Then when I felt like He was somewhat done on the subject I got yet another huge revelation:

When the impasse to God is at last removed; by our sincere repentance, our health, both physically and spiritually will be restored.

What impasse have you allowed to come between you and God?

That impasse (sin) that had so easily entangled me, was Fear. Fear and unbelief.
I had a double whammy right there blocking me. I was continuing to water fear with unbelief and no matter how far I thought I had cut it down it kept shooting up because I needed to take it out at the root!

I have prayed Lord; I believe help my unbelief, but I had not ever repented for my unbelief or for fear. I had doubted God and His promises so no wonder I was still a wave being tossed about in this whole fear thing. The enemy was having a field day in my mind and it was time he got to packing and moving out- for good!

And this word Unravel and the song…the one that unraveled and wrecked me in a good kind of way, has now become my declaration and prayer.

God continue to Unravel me! Unravel us all from whatever is keeping us bound. Remove all the strongholds that are keeping us in bondage. Let there be no sin or impasse keeping us from being whole and restored. Let us repent fully and completely of our sins and for anything and everything that does not bring You glory. Let us get this revelation that we are no longer a slave to fear. Remove these rooted lies of the enemy. Burn away that which is not of You with Your Holy consuming fire. We are a child of God!, the Most High God, that split the sea so we could walk right through it! Drown all our fears in Your Perfect Love!

The song sings:

You rescued me
So I could stand and sing
I am child of God!

Our courage can only be determined by the extent to which we will dare to claim and declare all of Christ’s promises as true and available to us.

Claim, Grab, Don’t let go of God and His promises; that is where we find the courage to overcome- not only fear, -but everything!

There is NOTHING that by the Promise of His Word and the Power of His Spirit we won’t overcome.

There is a spontaneous worship moment in the song that captures my heart and makes me think of Restored Ministries Purpose and Mission.

“I am surrounded by the arms of the Father
I am surrounded by songs of deliverance
We’ve been liberated
From Our Bondage
We’re Son’s and Daughter’s
Let us sing of our Freedom! “

I can hear all the clinking of the chains being broken off of many many many people. Can you hear it? The more you sing and share of your freedom; the more you consume and share His promises with others; the more we are liberated in all areas of bondage to fully #LiveRestored.
XXOO, Michelle Bollom

Hear this amazing song here


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Start declaring your freedom.