Living Restored


My life has been a whirl wind of battles. At the age of 17, I had a liver transplant after going undiagnosed with liver tumors for 5 years. I come from a broken home with different types of abuse being part of my life experience.
Two years ago, I found out that I am sterile and I have always wanted 3 children (my heart is praying for an adoptive child now).
Life has been wonderful, but far from easy. God and I have had multiple sit down conversations and I am still waiting on Him to give me the full picture.
Through my life story, different angels (usually in the form of a non-profit) have come alongside and helped my family in many ways. One particular non-profit in Atlanta has paid for my expensive medication and utility bills when I was out of a job and they even helped me with saving my house when I almost lost it to foreclosure. Other non-profits have taught me humility and gratitude on days when I felt I was getting the raw end of the deal.
Spend an afternoon one on one listening to a young woman tell you her rape story while she is crying, you will be on your knees praying for God to heal her heart and not look at your financial struggles as anything to complain about.

Non-profits speak to my heart. Emotional scars, speak to my purpose in life. I believe that God put me on this earth and made me struggle so much so that I could be open to Him using me to tell His story of restoration.

At this point in my life all I can do to give back is donate my time and donate my business resources to helping these non-profits grow.

When I started my business with my partner, Brad, we decided that we wanted to show our gratitude by donating our time. So every quarter we take on a new non profit project. We might donate a new website design which would normally cost them at minimum $2,500 or we run their google adwordscampaigns for free for 3 months and teach them how to run it. Our goal is to help these non-profits who are impacting lives, to grow in their mission. To give these non-profits the feet to grow in whatever their ministry might involve. We always chose non-profits that impact human lives, such as veterans or a remote area mobile medical unit, because the human heart is the most fragile.

Through my life and the storms, love has always been provided and given when most needed.

God is love. Our team at RTL Digital Media believes that it is our moral obligation to impact the lives of those around us. To give love because it is the greatest command and well, it just feels good to “pay it forward”.
~ Amy Tippins

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