Nothing Left Undone


And they glorified God (as the Author and source of what had taken place) in me.
Galatians 1:24-

I can hardly wait!
It’s been almost 2 years of Circle Praying for something I felt God put on my heart. There have been tears, and doubt, and days that I flat-out-quit. Then, I would be reminded that the devil tries the hardest just before the victory. So I would begin again; praying, believing, and literally circling around the subject of my prayers. One day, it started happening and each part of my prayer was being answered just as I had prayed that it would be. It was too much, almost overwhelming, but definitely appreciated and totally amazing. Yea, I was done! “Most of the prayers had been answered….” However, God leaves nothing undone. I had a stirring in my heart 2 months ago that let me know that I was not, “done,” there is one.last.prayer. This is what’s so exciting! Not the fact that yes, I will see this through to the end or that, my friends will stop thinking I’m a little nuts. It’s thrilling to me because there will only be ONE explanation for WHY and HOW it happened-GOD. In the natural, no one sees a way for it to happen, not even me. But, I know what He can do and I firmly believe, moving each day from faith to faith. When the final prayer is answered, I’ll be ecstatic and in awe like my friends. Even cooler though – I’ll be able to, “…Glorify God (as the author and source of what had taken place) in me. ~Heather Doughty


2 thoughts on “Nothing Left Undone

  1. Yes for the Fathers house to living in earthy life in the HOly Spirits power in salvation with the Lord in his righteousness to joy and all this are ready in the future to enter in by this time when Jesus is coming,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

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