Open Doors


Lately, I’ve been reminded of a question I asked my Catechism teacher when I was VERY young. She was telling us to listen for God’s voice and to follow it only and not to listen to the voice of the enemy. I asked how we would know the difference, and she said that we would just know. I left feeling scared, confused, and dissatisfied, for in my small mind I was thinking of the simple task of whether or not to open a door!
Her answer did not help me…at the time.

Now, at the age of 43, I realize the importance of that question…and the answer. How will we know the difference?
I’ve found that the only way to have the answer in truth is to STAY IN THE WORD.

The truth is that the only door we even have the opportunity to open is the door to our very own heart, allowing The Lord to come in.
Once that’s done, there are no more doors left for US to open…No…From that point on, He is the Door Opener…if you ask Him to be.

Allowing His Living Word to resonate within you truly gives you the ears to hear Him…drowning out the distracting voice of the enemy.

Doors are opening. Are you ready to listen only to Him? Are you ready for His Holy Spirit to lead you through each door and beyond?

There’s no need to grab for the handle. Jesus already did that.
I hear you, Father, and I thank You for Your beckoning call.

~S. Gable