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Follow up on my Daily Communion Experiment:

A month ago I developed my hypothesis as I embarked upon my experiment.

Daily Communion

If I daily take communion at home,
then my relationship with Jesus will
draw me closer to God.

Time for me to analyze my results and develop my conclusions:

I started off just really out of curiosity what would happen if I took 5 minutes a day to stop and “break bread”. Next I would meditate on the thought of remembering what the blood and body of Christ on the cross represents to me.

I played music most days softly as I reflected and wrote down my thoughts in my journal.

Many times I was lead to particular scriptures that lead me to specific prayers.

Honestly, it became quite personal and revealing in a good way. God was showing me what was broken inside of me and could only be made whole through His body and cleansed through His blood. Of course, I have had this head knowledge for a long time. But something happened as it moved from my head to my heart. I had new revelations each day that were different and transforming.

I still can not fully explain the change inside of me.

It was like when you meet with a close friend and you never know where the conversation goes or the tone will land. But you know that you are comfortable to share and listen and sometimes just being there is enough.
You leave feeling loved and loving that person even in their biggest messes and mishaps.

That still really doesn’t fully explain the communion.

Remember our handy dandy definition?

the sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings, especially when the exchange is on a mental or spiritual level.

I really couldn’t put my finger on it at first what was happening inside of me.

I just know I got results.
I was at peace during an extremely trying time.
I had more patience than I should have.
I found myself in a ultra super thankful mode even when circumstances proved otherwise.

It was like I was looking at every situation through a different spy glass.
My perception was changing.
Appreciating not complaining
Declaring not dreading
Full of faith not fear
Joy unexplainable at times.

I kind of forgot about my little experiment. Just plugging away really only missing maybe one or two days. I chose not to go into self condemnation. Just said to myself,”I won’t forget tomorrow!”.

Sometimes I was in a hurry and didn’t write anything down in my journal. I just took the elements from the fridge and made sure I said a prayer of thank you to God for His sacrifice.
I didn’t keep records of any right ways or wrong ways of participating in communion. I just did it.

One time I had to use water because I was out of town and didn’t want to carry grape juice on the airplane in my carry on luggage.
Jesus can still turn water into wine or grape juice in my case.

They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit.

Habit Formed

Habit of just taking five minutes to reflect and remember.

I purposely did not study or get anyone else’s opinion on taking daily communion. That was hard for me!!
I can be an information junkie.

I wanted God to show me the importance for myself and see what happened.

Well, He got me last night!!
I was listening to a totally unrelated subject on a cd series set of 5.
The last cd just happened to be about the importance of daily communion by this particular teacher.
It was NOT advertised anywhere on the cd set.
I got punked!!
Actually God graciously ended up giving me the research and study on the subject.
It all came together and I was directed in the Bible to several places communion was used and the importance of it to be daily for healing and restoration.
He knows I like to know more and where in the Bible it can all be found.

So my experiment is not over it is ongoing.
My hypothesis is proven true.

Yes, indeed it draws you closer to God through His Son Jesus.

I did not expect all the other fringe benefits that came along with the practice of daily communion.

My conclusion:
Nobody can really explain what happens.
You have to try it out for yourself.

Psalm 34:8
Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.

I have only begun to taste and see!

Light On,
Kelley Allison
© RestoredMinistries