Plan can be defined as a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something or an intention or decision about what one is going to do.

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Last week at bible study I met a young woman that has an amazing testimony. For the purposes of this post, we will call her Aubrey. After bible study, Aubrey and I were conversing about the lesson and she asked me had I heard her testimony the week before. I said no, so she began to share.

For 12 years, she had been in a relationship with another woman. She hadn’t thought twice about the relationship and never imagined that her life would change. One year prior to our conversation, she joined a church and experienced what she described as spiritual growth and six months later, Aubrey suddenly decided that she no longer wanted to date women. Somewhat confused, she felt that GOD was guiding her in a new direction. To embrace her changes and new attitude, Aubrey decided to get baptized. This was her declaration of her new life.

I felt the excitement in Aubrey’s story; but I also saw a hurting child. For the sake of not coming across as too intrusive, I politely asked “How was your childhood- did you experience any trauma as a child?” Before she answered, I knew she had. I just wasn’t ready for what she was going to share.

She said I lost my parents, both of them when I was 9 months old. My father murdered her mother and then murdered himself. She shared more details about who raised her and some of the struggles that she endured while growing up. As I listened more, although she did not directly tell me…I heard
• I am worthless.
• I am not loved.
• I will never be a good mother.
• No one cares.
• My life does not matter.

I immediately started affirming to her that her life mattered, that GOD had a plan for her life, that her story was a testimony…I spoke life into her! She needed to know that she was placed on this earth for a purpose.

I am wondering how many of you feel that your life is worthless, that you can never raise beyond your current situation, that you want to quit…..LET ME TELL YOU- GOD knows exactly what he’s doing for your life. He perfectly planned your life.

If you too, are questioning life like Aubrey, just know God has already developed the strategy for you. He has already devised the procedure. He has already crafted the plan. Your life is a result of GOD’s intention……You are no mistake.

You Are No Mistake

You are no mistake
For when GOD made you, he had a plan
Though you often question your existence
Until the end, GOD’S word will stand.
You wonder why this family?
Because you have lived life as an abandoned child
Remember in you GOD reveals truth
And when GOD made YOU, he happily smiled.

You wonder why this color? Why this race? Why these problems?
Battling troubles that seem to be unheard
As you read this message this day
GOD is guiding you to focus on his word.

You question…Why Lord? Why Me? Why this Life?
And at some point you might have lost faith
Your story is a living testimony
Because GOD planned you and “You Are No Mistake!”

For years, I waddled in confusion about my life. For years, I felt alone. For years, I questioned if GOD had a purpose in my life. Then GOD told me you are no mistake.

GOD intentionally made you and has a plan for your life. Have faith in GOD’s plan.

(Read this daily)

Dear GOD,

You planned my life. I know that your plan is greater than my plan. God please help me to be obedient so that I can walk into everything you have planned for me. At moments when I doubt your direction, please whisper to me that you are guiding me every step along the way. I am so glad that your vision supersedes all that I can ever dream.

Commit to the challenge. I DARE you.

~Lereca Monik