Most of my writing comes during a time of intensity, a moment of emotion and circumstance that moves me deeply, whether it be one of joy or despair. It is these moments in which The Lord gives me words without my asking. They just spill out onto paper. Other times, I seek the Lord and ask Him for words. In preparation of an upcoming Christmas party, I asked the Lord to provide the words for the poem I knew He wanted me to gift to those at the party. As He spoke to me about His marvelous creation, the words in the following poem are His answer to that prayer. The figure in the snow globe is holding a snowflake and marveling at the “delicate design” and the “intricate details”. No two snowflakes are alike, nor are we. We are all originals, and The Lord marvels at His work, as should we.

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ ~

It is my hope that this moment

is one you find precious.

A moment to remember

as part of this Christmas.

You see, my dears,

it’s not just the season, the decorations galore.

It’s not just the songs of His presence,

no, it’s so much more.

The celebration of the birth of our Savior

cannot be overdone.

For, of course, we all know

it is He who has come.

And while He is here

to take away sadness, worry, and gloom,

He is especially here to show

the beauty of His blossom’s bloom.

The delicate design of what is His,

the intricate details of His love.

There’s no better way to describe

than to say this original came from above.

For God sent His Son to overcome,

to make all things new,

And the only moment as precious to Him

is the moment He created you.

S.Gable 12/2014

Merry Christmas

© RestoredMinistries