The Experiment


I am starting an experiment this week using the 5 steps of the scientific method.

The 5 Steps
1. Make an Observation
2. Develop a Hypothesis
3. Make an Experiment
4. Carry out the Experiment and Analyze results
5. Draw Conclusions

(I had to look them up!! I never taught science and personally thought it was meant to be used when you dissect cats in biology) POS
Personal Opinion Stated ❤️

Typically in my church life I have participated in Communion during a quarterly session. (four times a year)
One church we attended had Communion weekly.
Since I’m not into religion but rather relationship. I will not focus on man’s opinion but rather God’s and choose to be still and listen to see how the Holy Spirit directs me in the Word and through the process.

What if??
What if daily I had my own Communion at home?
Would it draw me closer to God?
I thought I would develop a hypotheses and ask the question.


A hypothesis is an educated guess about how things work.
Most of the time a hypothesis is written like this: “If _____[I do this] _____, then _____[this]_____ will happen.” (Fill in the blanks with the appropriate information from your own experiment.)

Here it goes….my testable hypothesis……. Drum roll… please…..

If I daily take communion at home,
then my relationship with Jesus will
draw me closer to God.

That’s my testable hypothesis and I will see over the course of my 1 week experiment if that is proven to be true for me.

Notice I am capitalizing Communion!
It’s set as important and proper these weeks as I seek out answers to my questions.


Materials: grape juice, Matzo crackers, shot glass (no judgements)

1)Each morning take the juice and cracker with reflection on the sacrifice that was made by our Savior on the cross
Focus on His blood shed
and His body broken for me
This do in remembrance of Him
2)Journal any thoughts or reflections
3)Look up Bible verses on subject

I will start with a praise and worship song as I take the elements and reflect on the things above.

Will check back with you on my findings!!

Let’s break Bread together!!
You can join me and see what happens along this journey of getting to know God in a more intimate way.

Kelley Allison

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