When I was asked to share my life experiences or offer an encouraging word with the readers and followers of Restored Ministries, I experienced many mixed emotions. I was honored- thinking wow this could be an amazing opportunity; confused-thinking um why would someone ask me to join their ministry; excited- thinking GOD I have been writing for years and now I have a platform to share and; scared-thinking I wonder if I will say the right things for those that are reading. Then the answer was very simple- GOD told me this will be an opportunity for you to continue your faith walk and listen to my voice. As you grow, your words will give other people the permission to grow. He also said I DARE you.

I DARE you? What did this mean? A dare is a challenge. What is GOD challenging me to do? I pondered on what GOD wanted me to gain from DARE then he shared his vision in a dream.

E :Exercise.

So it’s quite simple, exactly seven years ago GOD gave me the title of this series it’s called “Giving God the Glory, I Listen as he speaks.” I DARE You. God is challenging me to listen as he speaks WOW! How amazing is this DARE?

As a part of this platform, I will encourage the reader to mediate on everyday words for 40 days and Define the word using the dictionary; Affirm the word using scripture; Recall a story/emotion/ or thought that helps with the word; and offer a series of Exercises (not physical) that will help us think deeper and practice newer habits.

Considering this is my first post let’s look at Restored and Ministries.

Bring back, return, restore, repair, renovate.

Ministries: (plural of ministry)
Attend to the needs of someone, provide something necessary or helpful.

Psalm 51:10,12. “Create in me a clean heart, O God. Renew a loyal spirit within me. Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and make me willing to obey you.”

Ephesians 4:12. “For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ”

When I was a little girl, my grandmother Martha was an avid church goer; which meant that my family were avid church goers. Martha enjoyed praying as a family, singing songs, and listening to others sing. I remember almost every Sabbath(Friday evening) or at major church events she wanted my cousins Shonti and Mo; my Sister-Cherie, and I to sing one of her favorite songs.
I recall singing- “I open my mouth unto The Lord and I won’t turn back-I will go, I shall go to see what the ends going to be.”

Additionally, after the four of us would sing that song, Martha always wanted to hear my younger sister sing this song called “Ordinary People.” Back then my younger sister, Cherie was maybe 4yrs old. I vividly remember gathering the microphone so that she could bless the audience with those sweet words.

“Just ordinary people, God uses ordinary people. He chooses people just plain old ordinary people like me and you, who are willing to do as He commands. God uses people that will give Him all, no matter how small your all may seem to you; because little becomes much as you place it in the Masters hand.”

As a little girl I found joy in edifying GOD. He was such a priority in my life. In my family’s life.
At the time I didn’t understand that my grandmother was planting the seed of Christ, preparing me to learn how to use prayer to endure life’s struggles, and setting the stage for where I am today.

Fast forward twenty-five plus years, I decided at some point that I had the power to control my own destiny- without depending on GOD. Honestly, I turned my back, my mouth was shut! Not only did I not pray or sing. I didn’t even acknowledge. I spent many years chasing money, degrees, relationships, people, ideas, and my career. Of course, I experienced so many let downs and disappointments; I had many days that were: restless, lonely, empty, dreadful, confusing, painful….the list can go on and on.

Soon, I realized that my life would continue to feel meaningless without me acknowledging GOD in everything. Honestly, it’s been his plan all along…I need to experience DIFFICULTY so that I could learn to DEPEND on him.

I am so glad that he is restoring my life and giving me the fuel to confidently minister to others by simply sharing. I have been afforded with an opportunity to bless others. God uses ordinary people to do his work.

Identify one area in your life that you want to be restored. (Write it down) What will you do weekly/daily to restore that area of your life?
Make a pledge.
I am seeking restoration in ______________________________________. I want to see GOD work in this area of my life and I will commit to __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Who will you minister to (help) tomorrow? (name) _______________________________


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~Lereca Monik
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