#SongSunday – Time To Be Well


No man is an island. Especially no woman. We need each other ladies, and we need each other badly. We need to chat, hug, cry, laugh, vent. More importantly, we need to pray, encourage, confess and release each other. Release each other from the little boxes or prisons we put ourselves in.
It’s time to be well ladies. This song is so catchy and the words are so good!
Over the past few weeks my friends and I have had some amazing designated prayer time together. We have to schedule these times because it takes a while. One by one we pray for each other. I can tell you there are very few things sweeter than hearing a close friend pray for you. Heartfelt, for real, truthful, honest, and powerful prayers that reach right down into your heart and pray the words you can’t pray for yourself.
This song talks about Jesus taking us straight to the healer. Well, I think as girlfriends we can and very well should take each other straight to the healer. We need to be Jesus in the flesh for each other. I made a joke in that group of ladies that we needed to get a white van and pick up our friends that don’t show up. Stalker! I call myself that because if you are my friend and I know you are struggling with something I will text, call or Facebook you until you answer me! Creepy I know, but I want to be taking my peeps straight to the healer!
“You tore a hole in the roof and you laid me down, just to make me well.” She’s referring to Jesus coming in and healing. Well, we need friends that will blow the roof off and help us. Ladies, if all you have is friends to gossip, eat, drink, shop or just exist with, let me encourage you to hang with some different friends or add friends to your entourage that will do what it takes to help you and themselves become the person they really want to be.
You know the phrase…”help a sista’ out?” Yea, well that’s what I’m saying!
I had to kick alcohol completely out of my life almost 5 years ago. My drinking was becoming toxic to my marriage and causing me so much inner turmoil because I knew I had a problem. In my quiet time with the Lord one day, I felt God telling me enough! Within a week of that moment, I mustered up the courage to ask one of the ladies from my Bible study group to pray with me. She was a recovering alcoholic herself and had been sober for years. I found this out about her the first day I met her in our group three years prior, but it took me that long to be ready to face my problem. She met me exactly where I was and “blew the roof off” with her prayer. She was Jesus to me in that moment. I’ve not been the same since that moment, and I haven’t touched alcohol in years. We have that power with our gal pals. We can take them straight to the Healer.
Hand in hand, prayer by prayer, tear by tear, in any given moment we can be the catalyst to help someone’s life change. Now, that’s exciting!! ~ Stephanie Wanic -God’s Beauty Secrets

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Enjoy this weeks
#SongSunday “Time To Be Well” by Jenny Simmons


Time to Be Well

I wasn’t looking
I wasn’t ready
kicking and screaming
Tired of believing
by myself
I never would’ve done it on my own but you
you were never gonna let me go

And you took me-
Oh you took me
you took me


Straight to the healer
you were my believer
When I couldn’t even see it for myself and now I’m whole, I can feel it
now I can see it
when I wouldn’t even say it for myself you said it’s time to be well

verse 2

no man’s island
we need each other
no use in hiding
no gain in lying
to myself
cause I don’t have to do this on my own with you
i don’t have to walk this road alone


Straight to the healer
You were my believer
When I couldn’t even see for myself
Now I’m whole, I can feel it
Now I can see it
When I wouldn’t say even say it for myself
You said it’s time to be well
You tore a whole in the roof and you laid me down just to make me well, just to make me well (x3) You tore a whole in the roof and you laid me down and HE made me well, yeah he made well