Love Life


Love Life Ministries is this weeks #FeatureFriday

“Our mission statement here at LOVE LIFE reflects our name perfectly. We choose every single day to wake up and be victorious. We choose to encourage. We choose to live in faith EVERY SINGLE DAY. Most of all, we choose love.

How was LOVE LIFE created? — Back in 2012, The Lord laid it on my heart to start a Facebook group called “Love Life”. This group was designed specifically for married women between 20-30 years old to come and have a safe place to talk, learn, and pray with one another. Since then, God has confirmed it to me that this group needs to have its walls stripped down, and that all women across the globe need to learn how to LOVE LIFE. The only requirement to be a part of LOVE LIFE is that you have to be at least 18 years old. It doesn’t matter if you are married, single, engaged, divorced, or widowed. Jesus loves us all the same. By bringing all women together, we can all learn and grow together in any season of life. As for right now, LOVE LIFE MINISTRIES is a Social Media driven ministry. The Lord has bigger plans for LOVE LIFE MINISTRIES though, and I know that one day LOVE LIFE MINISTRIES will be known all around the world.

We are a team of 5 who spend time each day loving, encouraging, and befriending women from all over the world via our website & blog.”

Connect with us at (, our facebook page (, our twitter account ( and our instagram (@lovelifeministries)

Brittany Zimmerman is founder of Love Life Ministries. She is a mama to a beautiful little girl named Mackenzie, and a wife to Ty. Family is everything to her. Brittany loves to fish, ride four-wheelers, and go camping. ” I am definitely an outdoorsy girl, and it is when I am outdoors that I feel the closest to our creator!” she says.
Brittany has a deep desire to share the love of Christ with women all over the world.