“The Humble Man Has An Advantage Over All Other Men…No One Can Put Him Down!” By Graham Cooke

“We are always victims to our own smugness, arrogance and self delusion. Rest assured we will be taken down a peg or two if these attitudes persist in us. Humility begins to grow in us when we learn to recognize what we are like without Jesus and what we are capable of in Him. Humility is knowing that we have wisdom but we don’t know everything. We are prophetic but sometimes God hides a thing from us. We have power but it fully belongs to Christ in us. In the Holy Spirit we can partner to create something but we are not the Creator. We know our limits but we are also unbounded in the Lord Jesus. Humility has a foundation built upon the fruit of the Spirit. We express love in the face of opposition. We move in kindness, gentleness and patience when confronted by a mean-spirited person. When held in contempt we articulate goodness. When reviled we bless. We have a good opinion of ourselves but not higher than it should be. Humility is not self-deprecation. To believe that in Christ we have no worth is just religious nonsense. If one of His names is wonderful, and He is in us, what does that make us? Humility is the wisdom of knowing that we are unique, gifted and beloved of God, and accordingly, we empower others to realize their identity also. Humility gives us the power to rise up into a high place but not become arrogant by the promotion of God. What we possess in our circumstances, of the fruit of the Spirit, will generate a humility that will bless the Lord. In humility we are not open to the attack of the enemy. Humility guards our hearts in the beauty of God. Arrogance is the erroneous belief that because we have an anointing we are better than others. Lack of humility is our undoing. If no one can put us down, we do not have to prove ourselves. Therefore there is no need to be affronted, wounded or offended. In peace we let go of all things detrimental to us. Humility both annoys and defeats the enemy. When a hard heart comes into contact with humility it has the capacity to be softened. A soft answer turns away wrath. Humility and gentleness will always be powerful keys that bind the enemy and loose people. They are an excellent defense against our own pride and delusion.” ~Graham Cooke

I love how Cooke explains things. He always gives a great “Kingdom” perspective and doesn’t mince words. His insight on Humility is basic yet deep.

This is from his book:
Keys To Brilliant Focus
The Power of Wisdom to Reclaim Your Identity.
This was #33
The Wisdom Series Book 3.

He asks these questions at the end-

Look back over recent experiences where you have been embarrassed and humbled. What was your response in the aftermath? What preceded your humbling? What attitude and lifestyle were you displaying? Did you reap something because of your own actions? How will you cultivate humility in this next time frame? What price will you put on gentleness and kindness as a way of life?

What are your thoughts ?

How would you answer his questions?

XXOO Michelle Bollom