Lover Of My Soul


Have you ever been tired in your soul?

I have…

Constantly thinking, choosing and feeling.

Sometimes I wish I had a switch and I could turn them all off instead of negotiating with them.
It seems like my soul only goes in one of two directions… Up or down… Good or bad… Negative or positive… Flesh or spirit…
So I get soul tired.
Neutral is not an option and don’t I know it.

So one morning I was praying to God and interceding in my Spirit about my soul. I asked Him why He cared to save it and I broke down. My mind is not like His and the thoughts I sometimes think are not very nice. My will is bent towards my way not His way and my emotions are like a roller coaster. “Why do you want my soul God?” I pleaded and I heard Him say “Your soul is mine and I am the lover of your soul.”
How does one respond to that ?

Complete surrender….
And so I did once again.

Then He took me to that place of peace with Him that goes with soul surrender. There He makes me who I am in Him. All of my thoughts, decisions, and feelings are flowing out of that place of peace with Him.

So if your soul is tired than surrender… Surrender to the relentless lover of your soul… You won’t regret it.
~ Michelle Knapton