A Pure Gift


The glorious miracle of our Christian faith is that, in spite of our fickle nature, our couldn’t-care-less attitude and our disobedience, God still loves us with the love that is both forgiving and cleansing. It makes no difference who we are or what we have done: if we are willing to renounce our sins and take refuge in God in true repentance, He will receive us with the loving forgiveness of a Father.~ Solly Ozrovech

I loved this quote I read this week. Then I saw this verse…

Romans 3:23The Message (MSG)
God Has Set Things Right

21-24 But in our time something new has been added. What Moses and the prophets witnessed to all those years has happened. The God-setting-things-right that we read about has become Jesus-setting-things-right for us. And not only for us, but for everyone who believes in Him. For there is no difference between us and them in this. Since we’ve compiled this long and sorry record as sinners (both us and them) and proved that we are utterly incapable of living the glorious lives God wills for us, God did it for us. Out of sheer generosity He put us in right standing with Himself. He got us out of the mess we’re in and RESTORED us to where He always wanted us to be. And He did it by means of Jesus Christ.

What an awesome promise!

He is the Great Receiver & The Great Giver and of course He is always the Great Restorer!

XXOO Michelle Bollom