How Much Does He Love Me?

This morning I decided to ask a silly question.
Jesus help me to understand something.
How much do you love me?
He didn’t yell down from the sky or appear next to me with a quick answer of conversation. However; I did get the immediate thought.
“I feel everything you feel like a mother does for her child.”
I immediately thought of taking my kids to their first day of a class or kindergarten and all the emotions I would feel leaving them all alone at the bus stop. (They won’t let you in at the school. I’m sure for good reasons.)
Tears going down their eyes and me holding back mine!
Will they find someone to sit with at lunch or will they actually find their class with her teacher?
Even though they are at safe and sound at school we continue as moms to ponder about on the feelings and possible emotions of fear or anxiety they might encounter their first day.
I was reminded of the verse in 1 Peter 5:7 “Casting all your anxiety upon him because he cares for you.”
Why does Jesus do it?
carry all my anxious thoughts and burden…..
It answers my question of how much he loves me.
This much!! (arms spread wide all around me……everywhere I go…..feeling and understanding all that I go through each day)
He does it because He loves you and me!❤️

Light On,
Kelley Allison




As I unpack my suitcases and try to adjust to being back home after 10 glorious days in Israel, I am excited to “Spiritually Unpack” my journey further in the coming weeks.

But right now the jet lag has been a little rough. I sense such a peace around me, Even in the midst of spilling literally everything I have touched today and feeling like a sleep deprived new mom with constant morning sickness at the same time. I am thankful to have wonderful kiddos and a husband that are eager to jump in and rescue me. I know this trip has changed me. I know that there are many God Moments to unpack and share.

I know my stomach and head will soon get better and my feet will return to normal size.

So I am not stressing over the fact that our plans to blog about our journey every day were derailed by limited internet, long days, and short nights. I am not stressing that my floors are so dirty you could plant potatoes. I am not stressing that I felt too bad to attend an event that I really wanted to make this morning. I am not stressing that my family wants chili cheese dogs for dinner when I am trying to eat better. I am not going to stress about missing church. Nope, for now I am going to simply Rest!

This verse was stuck in my head today.

Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known. ~ Jeremiah 33:3 ESV

So that is exactly what I know God is telling me. He is saying, Beloved, Rest, get your bearings, don’t worry, don’t stress. I will be here when you are ready.

So when my internal clock has adjusted back, when all the things are put back and schedules resume, I know I will call on Him and He will fill me in on all He will have me to Unpack from my journey. I look forward to sharing it all with you soon.

XXOO, Michelle Bollom

Why Do You Stand Here Looking Into the Sky?

Wow! This really speaks to me today. I feel a new season emerging, things are changing and this was a great reminder not to resist those changes. Embrace it! Enjoy! XXOO Michelle Bollom

Chasing His Grace

by Nicole Boucher


Nothing quite prepares you for the ache that change brings. Summer is starting to shift into fall, and my life seems to be following suit.


Within the last few weeks…

-I finished teaching preschool and said goodbye to all the kids.

-One of my dearest friends moved away.

-I started a month of intense preparation for my upcoming trip to Africa.


Our lives can change so fast, with or without warning. Warning doesn’t have too much of an impact, though. There’s no way to really “prepare” for change.


Often, my heart feels restless in the midst of change. It longs for adventure but simultaneously cries out for comfort and familiarity. How can I cope when I know that some things will just never be the same?


I can cope because I am made of eternity. God has put eternity in us. Beginnings…

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Hope Changes Everything

Great blog! What are your thoughts to the question at the end?

Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Paul transformed from someone that the Gentile believers feared to a person that they longed to fellowship with.

What had changed?

Paul had found hope in the Word.

He wasn’t sentencing death to believers. Now he was preaching life through Jesus.

Are you a person that other Christians look at with gladness? Is it because of the hope you have in the Word?

Live hopeful. Let it show.

Psalm 119:73-74

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