The Strongest of Bonds


Growing up I’m pretty sure me and my sisters shared everything. Toys, clothes, shoes, a record player, make-up, a bathroom, a bedroom and even a bed at one time or another. If one person got candy from the store you better not bring it in the house unless there was enough for everyone. It’s just the way things were. As we got older we fought a lot and hated the fact that we had to share clothes. After a good fight Mama always made us hug and say I love you. I always hated that. “I love you” doesn’t sound very nice coming out through gritted teeth.
I will tell you this; we could always count on each other to keep one another’s secrets and not to laugh at the other’s dreams. Sometimes we would all lay on the floor with pillows and blankets just talking. Some things got so funny, the giggling would get out of hand and we would laugh so hard it caused someone to pee their pants. So, as with any of the other hilarious but top secret moments, we would just add them to the pile of “un-tell able” stories that we still keep locked up as safe as the last entry I made in my diary with the tiny silver key.

I can remember on that same floor with those same pillows and blankets we
loved to play “switch”. It’s a game where we would all lay down in a row. Scratching each others backs. Then someone said “switch” (usually me) and we’d all roll over, swap sides and keep scratching. My boys remember playing “switch” when they were little too. That’s when I started explaining to them how lucky they were to have each other. To share toys with and to look after. I still to this day remind them that even on their worst day they have to look out for each other. I’ve said since they were small “If you see your bother in trouble you jump in feet first and help him out. We can ask questions later, just don’t let your brother get hurt” I remember telling them years ago “If I ever have to go to the office to pick one of y’all up for getting into a fight with somebody…I better see all 3 of you sitting side by side waiting to be picked up when I get there.”
We grew up a little rough and tough and that’s ok. I learned a lot that way. I married in to a much calmer way of handling things. Doug and I still use both ways to teach the boys life lessons.
My sisters and I still share everything. But it’s the more important stuff like “how to deal with teenagers” or the “what I did’s” that mean the most. We still laugh a lot and we lean on each other just like mama said we would. And that we share the strongest of bonds full of laughter and love. My sisters know my faults and love me anyway.
One thing about family ….. No matter how big the mess gets or how much “trouble” you get each other into, they are stuck with you. Just like the saying “Blood is thicker than water.”
So, when the dust settles and it always does, your family may not like you at that moment, they still love you.
They’ve got to….You’re family.

Well Jesus loves you and me even more than that. And because we belong to Him the trials and troubles of this life will someday pass away. One sweet day we will all be one big family in the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus paid the ultimate price. Our debt was paid in full when He jumped in feet first to save us. He didn’t ask questions. All we have to do is accept it, leave the old ‘you’ and follow Him. He knows your secrets. He knows your mistakes. He knows you and loves you anyway.
His blood was the thickest and His arms are stretched out reaching for you. His “I love you” would never be said thru gritted teeth. His voice will be the sweetest sound we’ve ever heard.
Now that’s something worth sharing!!
Go share the good news!

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

~ Susan Q. Bailey