Why Do You Stand Here Looking Into the Sky?

Wow! This really speaks to me today. I feel a new season emerging, things are changing and this was a great reminder not to resist those changes. Embrace it! Enjoy! XXOO Michelle Bollom

Chasing His Grace

by Nicole Boucher


Nothing quite prepares you for the ache that change brings. Summer is starting to shift into fall, and my life seems to be following suit.


Within the last few weeks…

-I finished teaching preschool and said goodbye to all the kids.

-One of my dearest friends moved away.

-I started a month of intense preparation for my upcoming trip to Africa.


Our lives can change so fast, with or without warning. Warning doesn’t have too much of an impact, though. There’s no way to really “prepare” for change.


Often, my heart feels restless in the midst of change. It longs for adventure but simultaneously cries out for comfort and familiarity. How can I cope when I know that some things will just never be the same?


I can cope because I am made of eternity. God has put eternity in us. Beginnings…

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