Shalom! We have arrived!

Kelley & I have arrived in Israel. After 4 hours to Newark and 10.5 to Tel Aviv; we are relaxing on the tour bus resting our swollen feet. We are making the 2 hour trek North to Tiberias where we will stay by the Sea of Galilee for a few days. So far Israel looks like any other big city but with funny street signs and lots of numbers on their license plates. One of our new friends on this trip is playing his guitar softly. We are soaking in the scenery and free WiFi; shooting some awkward bus pictures. The atmosphere seems so far from what the News media’s reports on missiles going off all over. It is hot,dry, summertime weather. It is hard to explain but it feels like coming home! We look forward to sharing what God downloads, as well as, some of the wonderful sites we will be seeing the next 10 days. ~ XXOO Shalom! Michelle Bollom




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