Every Story Matters

Every Story Matters! This is a great blog and these words are so true
“For me to withhold my story would be to rip out a thread from the tapestry of humanity.” Matt Knisely / Framing Faith
Everyone has a story and that is how we connect. Love the visuals of the tapestry. “Every thread woven into the tapestry of humanity matters.” Your story matters! We call them Restoration Stories at http://www.restoredministries.org
God has a beautiful way of taking even the most painful story and using it for His Glory!

Cindee Snider Re - Author


I am a hoarder of moments.”

Matt Knisely’s words caught me in the very first paragraph of his new book, Framing Faith, for I’ve been living in moments, those overlooked glimpses of eternity tucked into every breath, every heartbeat of creation, for thirteen years.

It’s why I pick up my camera. To seek beauty beyond first glance.

Why I pause, eyes closed, to feel the dew beneath my feet, morning’s gentle breeze, sun’s sweet kiss caress my cheek.

It’s why I listen, to hear God’s still, small voice whispering through all creation.

Why I tap at the keys, wrestling the mist into words I can read. And remember.

For thirteen years, I’ve been living in moments, because life can change in a heartbeat.

I’ve watched it happen. When my brother slipped across the veil at 32. When my son got sick and never got well. When…

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