Every Story Matters

Every Story Matters! This is a great blog and these words are so true
“For me to withhold my story would be to rip out a thread from the tapestry of humanity.” Matt Knisely / Framing Faith
Everyone has a story and that is how we connect. Love the visuals of the tapestry. “Every thread woven into the tapestry of humanity matters.” Your story matters! We call them Restoration Stories at http://www.restoredministries.org
God has a beautiful way of taking even the most painful story and using it for His Glory!

Cindee Snider Re - Author


I am a hoarder of moments.”

Matt Knisely’s words caught me in the very first paragraph of his new book, Framing Faith, for I’ve been living in moments, those overlooked glimpses of eternity tucked into every breath, every heartbeat of creation, for thirteen years.

It’s why I pick up my camera. To seek beauty beyond first glance.

Why I pause, eyes closed, to feel the dew beneath my feet, morning’s gentle breeze, sun’s sweet kiss caress my cheek.

It’s why I listen, to hear God’s still, small voice whispering through all creation.

Why I tap at the keys, wrestling the mist into words I can read. And remember.

For thirteen years, I’ve been living in moments, because life can change in a heartbeat.

I’ve watched it happen. When my brother slipped across the veil at 32. When my son got sick and never got well. When…

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God promises to lead us to abundant provision, supernatural rest and restoration (Psalm 23:2-3).

Another Great Blog by Flourish!


iStock_000016542591SmallIn life we can struggle with making decisions. We worry about the consequences so we try to figure out all the variables. Even when we do make a decision, we often continue to worry if we made the right or the wrong one.

When we come to God by accepting Jesus in our life, God becomes our Heavenly Father. Now we are not alone anymore. We have a mighty defender, savior and helper on our side. God loved us so much that He sent us Jesus, to live a sinless life for us, die on the cross as us and be raised from the dead for our justification.

Now we can come to our Father God and know we have perfect right standing with Him because of Jesus. We can boldly come to the throne of grace in time of need. Whenever we need wisdom we can ask our Father…

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What a beautiful blog of encouragement for all! Enjoy & Flourish!


iStock_000016623146SmallIn life it’s easy to become discouraged. We hate to be disappointed, so we often keep our expectations low. That way if things don’t work out, we won’t be crushed because we weren’t excited about our plans in the first place.

When we come into relationship with the Glorious God of the Universe, by receiving Jesus in our heart, we become children of God. Now we can enter the throne room of our Father God anytime we want. We can go to our Heavenly Father with every need, desire, aspiration and dream in prayer.

So, we now can raise our expectations. We can ask God for more than we have ever thought possible. Once we do we can rest assured that God will bring about the desires of our heart because He is limitless, infinite, omnipotent, omniscient. Nothing is impossible with God.

We may not be able to figure out…

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